If you are a car nut you need a shop of some kind. Whether it is a small room in the basement of your house where you can keep a few tools and parts or a full scale 6 bay garage behind your home.

Our last garage was 18 feet by 34 feet and was great for doing all kinds of projects. The amount of room allowed for several projects at the same time. However with a career move came another home in another locale and we ended up with a smaller garage behind the house. This one is 18 feet by 19 feet. With 2 vettes and a bunch of equipment and parts, it's a bit tight, but we have fun with it.

In this section we'll share the ideas and equipment that make up our shop, past and present in the hopes that it might help out some of you enthusiasts.

We've wired the shop with 220 volts with a sub panel in the garage. At the same time we installed a phone line and cable TV connection (good for those cold nights in the shop waiting for some paint to dry). This Canadian climate dictates having the garage completely insulated and a small heater installed to keep the space comfortable for winter work and to keep the garage warm enough to avoid condensation.

Our last compressor was a lay down model so we sold it and found this DeVillbiss that flows 16 cfm at 90 psi with an upright 80 gal tank so it will work well for our blasting cabinet needs