'61 Roadster

In the early 80's we were lucky to find this '61 Roadster, lucky for the car that is. We referred to it as a basket case, it had been taken apart by someone who had intended to restore it. He found that it was a lot more work than he'd anticipated. Unfortuate for him, but we thought we'd made a good deal when we bought it. All the parts were there, all it was missing was new seat covers, carpet and a softop. Oh and a lot of elbow grease. When we first saw it, it was in the back of a delivery truck. Piled high with junk, not a very pretty sight, but Brian recognized a potentially sound '61. Sure it needed some work, but we've always enjoyed fixing up cars, especially the fibreglass kind.

The body was in pretty rough shape it required a lot of fibreglass manufacturing "laying up", this part of the restoration took a few months longer than we'd originally estimated, but it was worth the effort. Once the bodywork was finished it was primed and finally painted. Red lacquer, then wet sanded and buffed to a deep gloss, just a shadow of it's former self the car was starting to look terrific finally.

Reassembly was now underway. We'd sent the stainless mouldings to be straightened months before, once we had them back we hand buffed and installed. Next came the interior. We'd ordered an Al Knock set of seat covers, carpets and a convertible top. By the time we were ready to take the car for it's first spin it was in excellent shape compared with what we'd started with. 

We enjoyed the '61 for a year before someone offered us good money for it. His offer was just too good to turn down. Before long we found ourselves on the prowl for another project. A friend told us about a '69 in desperate need of TLC.

Sixty OneSixty OneSixty One InteriorSixty One rear Sixty One front