'60 Roadster

This '60 vette belonged to a friend of ours, he'd wanted to restore it for some time, so we decided to help him out. He trailered it to our house, and we started stripping it down to the bare necessities within a few days. We'd heard of a local shop that was specializing in media blasting, the price was reasonable so we decided to try it out. The operator did a good job, and it saved us a lot of time using razor blades. We still had plenty of block sanding to do when the car came back from media blasting. The beauty of media stripping is that you can start to seal the fibreglass with primer or gelcoat immediately without fear of having chemicals trapped under the finish. When using chemical strippers you have to ensure that the glass is thoroughly washed, neutralized and left to “breathe” for a while before any coating can be applied.