Adjustable Body Dolly

During many years of home-based Corvette restoration projects, we felt the need for a better way to support the bodies while off the frame.

In the beginning we did as many other folks do, we supported the body on barrels and boards, 2x4 wood frames and of course on the frames themselves. This all let to our creation of a steel 2”x2”x1/4” square tubing support dolly on wheels. This gave us the mobility for the body in the shop and added the rigidity we desired while off the frame. This was a good unit but it fell short in the convenience aspect. When not in use it was very bulky and awkward to move around. We used to stand it on it's side and slide it behind the tool boxes and shelving along the side of the garage.

Despite the basic convenience of this dolly it was a “one generation” application. Due to variations in the body mount locations through the years, it would only fit the mid years that it was created for '63-'67. When we changed cities a few years ago we left it with a friend, as it was not convenient to take it with us.

We came up with the idea to have a dolly that would offer enough adjustability to support vette bodies from 1953 to 1982. We also wanted it to be light enough to move and store. It can also be completely disassembled for convenient storage or transportation to another site. The overall length allows it to be mounted on a rotisserie for easy under body access during repairs. The uprights are installed in such a way that one can be removed to allow access to repair or replace any body mount or birdcage point without disturbing the rest of the supports. The sliding cross-members have locking bolts that increase the rigidity of the unit when it is all adjusted and tightened thus eliminating mid unit flex.