We're Jane & Brian and we're certified Corvette nuts! We do take medication for this affliction, in the form of large amounts of fiberglass and horsepower, blended liberally with a constant exposure to enthusiastic friendship and spiked with the camaraderie of shared automotive experiences.

We became afflicted with Corvette fever many years ago. Brian first back in the sixties and then after they met, he infected Jane too! Through the years we tried to break free, experimenting with other automotive directions within the car hobby, drag racing, hand built hot rods, wild street machines, restored muscle cars always coming back to our favorite car........the Corvette and more importantly, the enthusiasts that keep the hobby vibrant and alive.

As enthusiasts, we love to meet fellow vette lovers and share stories and experiences. The reason for this, is the wonderful people that we continue to meet within the car hobby in general. Let's face it, we could all enjoy the cars on our own, but we would miss out on the sharing of knowledge, those bits of history that we have yet to discover, the learning restoration techniques, high performance modifications, parts sources, driving adventures and the fun filled social events.

Many of us approach the hobby from different aspects, some of us love the history of the marque, others it's the tech side with all the intricacies involved in the restoration and preservation of these engineering marvels, there are those that love to just enjoy the beauty of possessing an automotive icon, there are folks that want to wring out every last ounce of power on the dyno or dragstrip and let's not forget the folks who just love the wind in their hair and burble of the exhaust as they blast down a back road on a summer day, breathing in all that life in a vintage Corvette has to offer. Whether our vettes are Solid Axles, Mid-years, Chrome Bumper Sharks, Softnose Sharks, C4's , C5 's or even the new C6’s the one thing we all harbour is our desire to share our love and enjoyment of these cars.

We hope you enjoy browsing the site as we share some of our experiences and car memories. We will also put up some details of some of our overhaul experiences in the hope that it will help others delve more deeply into their projects. Modified or stock we love them all.

We've always done most of our repair and restoration work on our own at home,we love the satisfaction of doing things ourselves. Remember to love your families, cherish your friends and above all drive your vettes!